Facebookom su se masovno organizirali komunisti i anarhisti kao i svi drugi koji mrze sve što je Hrvatsko što zapravo njihove objave same kažu. Psuju nam i kažu ”sve treba srušit” misleći se na sve domoljubne stranice.

No to što rade ilegalno je, ne samo da promiču mržnju već iskorištavaju facebook algoritam što je kažnjivom po facebook pravilima. Nažalost, algoritam funkcionira na način da kada god se protiv neke stranice, profila ili komentara nađe masivan broj prijava, facebook algoritam automatski ga uklanja. Izbriše li vam facebook nekoliko puta u kratkom roku post, čak vas mogu i potpuno izbrisati što se dogodilo brojnim domoljubnim stranicama. Od stranice Bujanca, Urbane Desnice, PRIZNAJEM! HRVAT SAM, kamenjar i brojne druge….


Da bi facebooku prijavili ovu nepravdu potrebno je uraditi sljedeće:

Kliknite ovdje >>> https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/357161520978587

Što će vam otvoriti ovakav obrazac u kojega upišete link stranice koja je uklonjena te opširnije o čemu se radi odnosno dokazi.

Za URL upišite: https://www.facebook.com/priznajem.HRVATsam



Due to recent happenings with our news oriented facebook pages being banned, we did our own little research (so we could ensure we dont share posts that dont agree with facebook standards) and we found out that there was massive report spamming planned from our competitors.

Link of page is here: https://www.facebook.com/priznajem.HRVATsam/

Additional link of page post: https://www.facebook.com/priznajem.HRVATsam/videos/903847483029683/

There is a lot of proof of who and how it has been done,and we are representing you the proof of it so you can ensure that facebook stays safe and is not prone to another attack.

First proof you can see in this post:   https://www.facebook.com/orjeta.jovic/posts/2197798066912239

In comments of this post you can see clear statement of “We have to get the website down”, which directly points out that this was planned thing,and it exploited some of your features.

Here are photo proofs in case upper post gets deleted:



As you can see in the comments on bottom photo, they are boasting that they were jointly using fake reports on our website so it could be taken down.


Again,here you can see them boasting about it, and in the mean time calling us fascist which is a great insult and slur to our name.

And here are some more proofs of using fake reports to bring down pages,and ensure political censorship in free country.




As it can clearly be seen the technique they are using is old: they report photos which include general Praljak and other “HercegBosna six” politicians and downvote and report it as offensive.

This is quite ridiculous and quite frankly – Orwellian. How can one be reported as offensive for content containing photos and direct quotes of the people who you are reporting on and whose cases you are commenting on?

It is obviously impossible to inform people about news and or provide legitimate criticism without showing pictures of of who and what you are writing about.

Facebook should revisit its algorithm program and “offensive” flagging option as it is being misused by some fanatics to silence free speech.

We think that it is in your best interest to help protect us long time users of Facebook from this kind of abuse from fascists that are trying to force their own world views through abuse of your report system.


Worried facebook user.


Prati nas i ne propusti ekskluzive!